Friday, August 22, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The Last Friday Before School Starts Edition

Hey! Look at that! It's actually a Feel Good Friday!
Here's the list:
1. Living through the busy work week! Crazy! But I do still love my day job!
2. Shopping with K4. We had fun even though we were both exhausted and it cost a small fortune, and I didn't get the right notebooks for K3.
3. That Man getting his car back, even though it's still not quite right.
4. My truck coming home next week! I have missed it so very much!
5. Weekend plans!
6. Weekend plans, that include having to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I've been nominated twice, so has That Man, my sister, and my brother-in-law, K3, and K4. We will do it, but also donate, because that's how we roll...
7. A new grandbaby on the horizon!
8. Kitty Boys and Baby Puppy! The boys are getting big and they are very bad. And the baby puppy isn't so much a baby anymore at close to 90 lbs, regardless of being in her second or third puppy stage... Oy! She's so adorable and she really is a good dog, even though she has to go outside on a leash right now!
9. Writing. I miss it so very much. I so very much want to be able to stay home and write!
10. The New Normal. Routine will be good. Routine is what we need. And looking forward to Christmas at Mom's... Yeah, it's August, but we're already making plans...
That's all for now...

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