Friday, August 08, 2014

Wow... I Suck... Feel Good Friday... The I'm Trying Not to Suck Edition...

I thought I posted at least once this week, but as I think about it... I didn't. This week was crazy! But... let's focus on the Feel Good part of the week...
1. Hanging with Mom tonight. It's been nice. Pizza for dinner. A little Captain. Teaching her how to use her new smart phone (K4 is mostly in charge of that.) The boys are at home - working on stuff and dealing with the pets, and us girls are hanging. Nice.
2. K3 finishing summer school! Yay! The deadline is today and he finished at almost 9pm! I am so glad he's done. The poor kid has had no summer whatsoever. He's spent 97% of his time (when he wasn't sleeping) working on school. UGH! (and there are only two weeks until school starts again! How unfair is that?)
3. It's Friday. This was a very, very long work week. OT and insanity. I still love my day job though. I'm just glad for the weekend rest.
4. Writing time this week. Not much, but it's a start. My hope is that once school starts, I'll be able to get into a real schedule. I'll probably write in the morning once the kids leave for school since I'll have about an hour and a half until I have to leave for work... We'll see how that goes... I'm not setting anything in stone at this point...And I'm not stressing out about it yet.
5. Renn Faire in our future. Don't know when yet, but I can't wait! It must happen for all of our sakes!
6. Our chimney being repaired after the tree damage. Next is the roof... But, we're ready for that. We need it to happen soon.
7. Hearing awesome news from an awesome friend!
8. Granddaughter time coming this weekend! I miss my girl!
9. Grandson time this week. He is so adorable and has started to say NaNa! Aw!
10. And... ummm. Shawshank... Love this movie!!
That's all for now... I do have a blogging award to do. Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow...

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Ava Quinn said...

That's some good stuff to celebrate. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the award!