Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday... Again...

Ugh. Monday.
Today sucked. We lost a person at work and we're already down two....  We're super hyper busy. OT is open again. Which means I'll be working my *ss off until I'm caught up. My brain is broken... I want to stay home to write full time again!
The weekend was good though...We're taking a break from clearing out Mom's house. A much needed break... It was strange to wake up in my own bed and not hearing "It's Yard Sale Time" being screamed along with some kind of obnoxious country music being blared.
Friday night we went to the races to see my nieces boyfriend drive his car. Sweet! It turned out fun and we could have stayed longer, but we had other commitments. Then we went to hang at our friends house - we haven't seen them in forever and I've never seen their new house. It's awesome and we had a blast.
I slept until 10 Saturday, but got a lot done. Completely rearranged my kitchen and put away most of the boxes I've been lugging home week after week. Got rid of a ton of stuff, too. I'm pleased with my progress and I even cooked both nights! It was really nice to be home and not have to go anywhere.
Sunday, I slept in, too. Got up, made coffee, and caught up on some shows I never get to watch. K1 and J came over with BOSS. (Actually Grand Uncle dropped him off here since they watched him the night before) B is so stinking cute. We hung out, played, read some books, took a 'yard ride' in the Jeep, and had fun.
I will have my dining room back soon and I will finish my short story soon!
And it's almost Fall! Happiness is coming back, I think...

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