Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Train Wreck Tuesday

So, it's Tuesday! It's September.
We did camp this weekend. It was awesome in so many ways! We didn't get there until Saturday afternoon, which sucked, but couldn't be helped. I had my meeting. That Man had his stuff. But we got there. I'm so glad.
We had a blast Saturday night with K1, J, and Baby B. Baby B is so stinking cute! But they left after the picnic on Sunday. K2, J, and Baby C were there. Baby C is so stinking cute! I was in Nanners heaven!!
Our friends came up to hang out and ended up staying the night. Totally awesome! Our adopted sister and our adopted brothers. It was epic and awesome! We had so much fun hanging out, talking, laughing, singing. That's no regrets right there... You can't plan that stuff...
I'm not sure I got to relax as much as I needed to. I slept for crap both nights. The first night was due to K4 and a migraine with symptoms that had us both on edge. She was fine in the morning, but we had some rough times through the night. The second night I had a dream that is now written down for story fodder. It was so real and scary and it hung with me all day. And I don't know if I slept for more than an hour or so... I woke up grumpy and exhausted. That Man and I took some time together to go on a mission. We got lost. My phone died, but it was good. We got back and my head was killing me. He and my bil starting working on beach stuff. I took some headache meds and a nap. Then we had to pack up.... Ugh...
So last night I also slept like crap again! Or didn't sleep. I don't know.. I couldn't decide if I'd slept or not. I worked the full day job today. I felt lost and crabby most of the day.
Got home and picked K4 up to take her for new headphones since hers died. We did that and hit the grocery store and finally made it home. Ugh. I'm tired...and probably still a little crabby. I have no idea why...

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