Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Woah Wednesday...

Woah! My book... Prelude of Lies... released today! So excited!! I got an congratulatory email from my editor this morning and several people told me they got it on their Kindles. Nice! I hope you're watching, Momma! I wish you were here to share this with!

Woah! Apparently, I am allergic to adhesives! Be prepared... this is a long story... There was this skin tag/mole on my neck that had been there for a long time. My sister told me how ugly it was when we were taking down the tree in my backyard, and quite frankly, I knew that, which is why I rarely put my hair up or wear a shirt that shows any skin. That Man and I have been discussing "the mole's" demise for a while now, but I never moved forward on the ideas of remove it.
My hair would get tangled around it a lot. Certain shirts rubbed it. I was always aware of its presence.
Friday night I had a dream that it was disintegrating. I think my hair had gotten caught in it again. It bothered me all day Saturday. I kept touching it, expecting it to fall apart in my hand, but sadly, that never happened.
Cut forward to Saturday night... We had a yard sale at Mom's. It was a Hell day - hot and no customers, lots of leg work, and cleaning out box upon box of old papers that should have been thrown away thirty years ago. Once we cleaned up, the adult beverages came out, and yeah, I had a couple... My hair had yet again gotten tangled in "the mole", and I grabbed a pair of scissors on my way outside. Everyone was hanging on the back porch, relaxing. I asked if anyone wanted to cut of "the mole" and through the groans and "no way", my daughter-in-law jumped up. The pair of scissors I grabbed were dull, so that hurt a lot. She ran inside and grabbed a better pair and cut that bitch mole right off my neck.
I was/am ecstatic. It didn't bleed much at all and it didn't hurt much either. Then, I asked her if she'd cleaned the scissors first... She hadn't, so my sister dragged me inside to properly clean and dress my neck. The bandage lasted like 11 minutes because it was so stinking hot and I was so sweaty. I left it to air until Tuesday morning when I stopped at the pharmacy to get bandages and antibiotic ointment. It still looked really good at that point, but I was concerned enough to think I should do something. Slapped a latex free bandage on it and went about my business. By the time I asked That Man to check it last night, it was red. He said about the adhesive, but I'd woken up a few times the night before with my hair stuck to "the mole's" grave, so I wanted it covered.
By the time I was ready to leave the day job tonight, my neck was sore and uncomfortable. I took the bandage off and it looks like I have a severe sunburn where the adhesive was. Everything else is good, but that rash or whatever is way more uncomfortable than the actual "mole wound". Ugh! Aren't you glad I shared that with you?

Woah! Its Wednesday! This weekend is my writing group meeting, which I am very much looking forward to, and it's a camp weekend. The jury is out on whether or not we'll make the camping trip. There's a lot going on and it's supposed to rain. I want to go, so we'll see...

I'll let you know if "Mr. Mole" comes back to life. I flushed him and have visions of him growing and procreating in the septic tank...


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