Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time Flies...

I should have never complained about last week being long! The weekend was just insane - beyond insane, which is why it's taken me until Tuesday to put up a new post.

I'm borrowing this from Misty, who suggested I follow along with the blogging of each letter of the alphabet. The deal is, I open the dictionary and pick a random word for each letter.

Today's letter is A.

Word for the day: Alabaster

When I saw this word, it made me think of how, in romance novels of yesteryear, they described the heroine's skin.
After reading the definition - several definitions. I think if someone ever used this to describe my complexion, I'd have to do some serious butt kicking.

Translucent white? Very light white?

So she looks very sick? Or like a ghost? You can see through her skin? ewwww...

And then there's: pale yellow/pink or yellow/gray.

Can you say liver failure? Liver failure with a sunburn? Dead from liver failure? Not very attractive if you ask me.

Yeah, I know alabaster is smooth and white and that's what the description is supposed to mean. I do understand it was an attractive feature way back when. Women weren't supposed to be out in the sun. I still get a picture of someone who's ill, and never leaves the confines of her "chamber".

There you have it.

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