Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two Word Thursday

I have two words today. They both fit around here and since I couldn't decide between them...

Word 1: Cacophony - a loud, jarring, unpleasant noise.
This is the sound of K4's hacking cough. Or what my house sounds like when the gang can't seem to get along. Or the obnoxious noises that are funny at first, but slowly work under your skin when repeated constantly. There's a lot of the latter around here. A lot.

Word 2: Cachinate - to laugh loudly & convulsively. (the spell check on blogger is not recognizing this as word. Isn't that interesting?)
I'm happy to say that more of this happens in this house. It's a fun thing and something I'd never change even though it often turns into word 1.

*K4 was on the mend, but her fever is back. She's home again and miserable. The high school kids are home too, which left K3 the only one going to school. Our day, and evening, is packed full and I can only hope I keep my sanity.

*Word meter is down. Last night's progress put me at 22500 words out of 100000, or 22.5% completed.


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