Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Word of the Day: Balance

So maybe I'm not doing this exactly the way I'm supposed to. My actual dictionary is upstairs in the horrid stanky mess where my boys sleep. I'm not going after it - I'm skeered. I'm using the dictionary look up feature on my word program, and scanning the entries instead of flipping the book open and dropping my finger.
As I scanned by "balance", I knew that was my word of the day.
We all know what balance is. We also all know that it shifts constantly - like a foundation build on sand. What keeps us in check one day, throws us over a cliff the next. Balance is tenuous and most of the time we're not really sure we have it. We only know we did when we don't. At least this is true for me.
Simple things tip the balance.
For example: K4 is home with me today. Her fever is gone, but a rough night combined with many trips to the bathroom has left her (and me) very tired. It's one extra person, a very small one at that, sharing my normally quiet and productive time. While her being here doesn't change everything, it still shifts my focus from writing to her needs. She comes first today and what keeps me feeling as if I'm achieving comes second. That's okay because my most important job is being a mom.
And I think that might be at least my key. To have good balance you also have to be flexible - able to adapt to your environment and the changing needs of life around you.
Hmmm...maybe I should have stuck with my original choice. "Babble" Which would properly sum up this post.
That's all for now.

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