Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Bird

Well, there he is.
You don't get a good idea of his size, but look at that beak! (No wonder I got a boo-boo!)

I'm searching for a full-sized pic of him and will post one when I find it. He's really beautiful and full of personality. And loud. Very loud. Did I mention loud? Ear-splitting shrieks and cries that happen as soon as he believes you're no longer enamoured of him.

He talks too. His vocabulary is constantly growing. My sister has to watch that he doesn't pick up certain words and has cautioned everyone to watch their mouths. Usually he has to hear a word repeatedly to mimic, but sometimes not. We've been trying to teach him how to say "precious" for ages. No dice. He's kind of like a 2 year old though, and will repeat the most inappropriate things.
K1 cannot stand Captain. Captain cannot stand K1. It's a vicious cycle. K1 walks in the room and the bird goes into some kind of freakish attack mode where he bobs his head and snaps his beak threateningly. That didn't make for a very pleasant weekend when I bird-sat last summer.
So there you have it. And you all thought I was making him up!

That's all for now.