Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Now That's a Fish!

Approximate length: 32-34"
I have no idea on the weight, I didn't ask.
This Carp was caught in the creek that runs in front of where we camp. (and yes, much swimming is done in that creek) Sunday night, my brother-in-law managed to hook the whopper. Getting it to the bank was a chore. Not to mention he had a huge audience. This isn't the first fish of this size to be caught there, but it'd been a while. (Last time we had this much excitement he caught a huge snapping turtle in the same creek.)
We had a great weekend. Very busy, but the perfect kick off to the camping season. I would have loved one more day, but we're back to the grind already. Getting everyone up for school was difficult and I can't say I blame them. I hit the snooze button until the last possible minute.
Eight more days of school. Which means I have ten days to finish my book. We'll see. I do have a slightly higher word count now, but I'm hoping by tomorrow there's a significant change in that word meter.
Summer's coming.
Are you ready?

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Natalie Damschroder said...

Hell, no, I'm not ready. I'll never be ready.