Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beautiful Day Thoughts

The sun in shining, but the temperature is low - according to my gauge, it's 68* outside. Perfect weather in my opinion. And I'm thinking...
Good Thing/Bad Thing.
We do this at dinnertime. Starting with the youngest, we go around the table and each person gets to tell one good thing and one bad thing from their day. Sometimes it takes the entire meal to get through them. Occasionally, B and I have to gently stop the hilarity that very often arrives with some of the stuff they come up with. Guests are not exempt from this exercise, unless we have a particularly large crowd (that's fair warning - just in case you find yourself at my house for dinner one night).
Anyway. Today you're getting my good/bad things.
Good thing: The current weather.
Bad thing: The distracting sound of chainsaws in the very near vicinity.
Good thing: The brief rest period I managed.
Bad thing: The lack of sleep from the past 3 nights that made the rest necessary, and the dog's constant barking during said rest time that made it just "rest" time and not "nap" time.
Good thing: The excellent everything bagel sandwich I just made myself.
Bad thing: There are no more everything bagels in the house and I've already gone to the store 3 times this week and won't be going back again before Friday, if I can help it.
Good thing: Supernatural Season 2 is out on DVD as of yesterday.
Bad thing: I have not purchased it yet.
Good thing: The wedding B and I going to this weekend - date night (and I'll hopefully actually get to dance with my hubby).
Bad thing: Not knowing what to wear (translation: what fits) yet, dealing with a packed schedule and kid obligations that need worked out still and it's already Wednesday.
There you have it. A brief list - or not so brief - or just silly. Hey, what do you want from me? I already told you about the lack of sleep!
Behave! :)

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