Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate Day...

Did you forget?
I did, until I saw it somewhere this morning. And that's bad (if you're me) because me an' me hardies always be celebratin' this day. (See post below - sadness factor applies here too because of missing vacation and the usual hype 'talk like a pirate day' brings as we prepare for the beach.)
Word meters are lying. Again. I should take them down. I am making good progress. And I'm getting ready to start something new. My brain is working - ideas are forming - coming through in vivid and odd dreams. (Like Misty driving a minivan on the railroad tracks. When I told her, she was more upset that she was driving a minivan and not a cool ride, than the fact that she was recklessly careening me, and my basket of laundry, around a sharp curve as I searched for a pair of socks. Did I mention the dreams are odd?) (Oh and there's so much more to that one. Which is where the story ideas are coming from - not the train track escapade. You don't even want to know. Trust me.) Anyway. (Again.) I'm not rushing this new idea. Things are filling in nicely without much effort on my part - for right now. Once I finish edits, I hope to have enough to start "mind mapping" it.
What's happened to "Under the Bridge", you ask? Nothing. Yet. I've decided to take a longer respite from those edits. Mainly because I absolutely need to write something brand new and because there's still something not quite right with it. I'm working on it, but not forcing it. That might not make sense to anyone but me.
So there you have it...random Wednesday ramblings with a dash o' pirate.
Avast, me hardies. Mind the rum and keep yer scurvy tail out o' trouble on this fine sailin' day.
(In other words...)

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