Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Here we go! Lots of good guesses!
Okay, obviously it's a screen, but what's the story behind it?
1. Taken from inside the camper during a fantastic thunderstorm. I was trying to get a picture of the lightning over the creek and how quickly the water was rising. I do have pictures of such storms, but this isn't one of them.
2. The view from my room at the retreat. Again, it was raining and I was lamenting the fact that we couldn't take another walk through the very cool cemetery. YES!!
3. Through my back screen door. I was trying to take a picture of our friend dancing in the backyard. I knew if he saw me with the camera, he'd stop. It was way too funny not to document. Or you know, try to document. Again, it's happened. Just not in this picture!

Thanks for playing! I can't wait until I can start giving prizes!