Friday, April 17, 2009

Feel Good Friday

I think these Fridays are coming up way too fast these days. Every time I turn around it's Friday again! I'm not complaining, but holy heck, it's mid-April already! The year's moving by relatively quickly, don't you think?
Here's the Friday list:
1. The day - it's beautiful out. Sunny, warm. The kind of day that has my cat meowing at windows and doors just to catch a ray of sunshine to nap in. I know how he feels.
2. Goofing off - Since I finished my revisions, I'm vacationing until Tuesday. Maybe. Okay. So I'm vacationing for sure until Sunday. I have some house stuff to organize, then we'll see...Of course, I haven't done much in the way of house organizing today.
3. Older kids who don't mind dragging younger kids around with them. In fact, they ask younger kids to ride along on their errands. Pretty sweet.
4. Weekend plans. Sometimes I get sick of saying that. ha! We're heading out with some friends tomorrow night to see a local disco-type band. yee-haw. Disco's not my cup of tea, but my friend loves it so I'll go for her sake.
5. My very cool birthday present. Pictures coming. I promise.
6. My awesomely sweet and wonderful husband for pampering me so much on my birthday. He didn't have to go into work late. He didn't have to leave work early. He didn't have to do dishes and laundry, but he did all that and more.
7. Forgetting about K3 going to scout camp and then managing to pull it together and get everything done so he can leave on time.
8. Yogurt with granola and raspberries.
And I'm thinking about pizza for dinner...with mushrooms and lots of cheese...
That's all...


Susan Kelley said...

MMmmm. Pizza for dinner. My favorite. It was lovely out today. Did a little cleaning in the garage.
At least take tomorrow off.

Victoria said...

No pizza for me. It was leftovers for dinner because of time! drat!
I will be taking tomorrow off. From writing, but I absolutely have to clean my house!!
Maybe we'll have pizza tomorrow night!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

#3 is awww-worthy. :)

Victoria said...

Yeah, it is. Sometimes it amazes me that my kids seem to genuinely like each other. LOL Other times it doesn't seem that way at all.