Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

Are we ready?
What is this mess?
1. A mountaintop breakfast consisting of bagels, cream cheese, and mimosas while in Connecticut for one of the most fun weddings we've ever been to.
2. An impromptu breakfast while traveling to Delaware the summer before last. We stopped by a pretty decent-sized creek to eat our bagels and drink our mimosas on the rocks beside the water. And laughed a whole lot.
3. A mess we found at the creek. The containers were just left behind with food still in them and so was the cooler. They couldn't have been too far ahead of us. Someone partied hard and didn't clean up after themselves. That always pisses me off. Photo evidence in case we ever need it.
What's your guess?
Answers tomorrow. My whole day has been sidetracked by a kid with a hurting ear. Off to the doctor we go. But I have to report that my plotting for my next book is going quite well.


Darek@Orchid said...

Hmh... #2? :)

Ava Quinn said...

Am I too late? Did I sqeeze in under the deadline?

I'm going with # 2, but I really want it to be 3 because I can just see you gathering up the vigilante posse to string up some mangy-no-good-dirty-low-down-rotten litter bugs.

Good luck with the kiddo and the ear and the doctor.

Horay for good plotting!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Eh, I'll be different and go with #1. :)

Congrats on plotting going well! :)