Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Monday Madness

My cat just fell out of the dining room window. Well, maybe he didn't fall. I'm pretty sure he went out on purpose, but it's pretty high up even though it's on the first floor of the house. I ran out to grab him and bring him back inside, almost having a heart attack when I realized how close he came to landing on top of a broken window that we stuck back there over the winter. Same cat got out yesterday and almost got hit by a car. I swear he has a death wish. I lowered the window (can't find the screen) and he's yowling madly because he can pull the disappearing act again.
I went for a pretty long walk this morning - through town and then through the graveyard. I like to walk alley-ways and backroads because you get to see a lot more stuff that way. The mausoleum in the cemetery is very cool and very creepy. And you already know I like walking through cemeteries, so that shouldn't surprise you much.
It's hot here. I'm not complaining. Not really. But it's a little hotter than it should be for this time of year. Sleeping was interesting last night since I refuse to turn the a/c on quite yet. The kids played so hard this weekend, it was nearly impossible to get them up this morning though they went to bed at decent times.
Yesterday, B and I used my nifty bug zapper and waged war on the wood bees attacking our front porch. It's pure carnage, baby. There are at least 15 dead bees on the porch. Those bees get really mad when you shock them. It didn't take us long to learn how to whack them with maximum efficiency so we didn't get attacked.
Things I will do today:
1. Catch up on email, blogging, household paperwork. (nearly done already)
2. Read a book in my hammock.
3. Paint my toenails.
4. Retreat related administration duties.
5. Research on my next book.
Things I will not do today:
1. Play Sims.
2. Eat junk food.
3. Make prank phone calls to China.
4. Watch bad T.V.
5. Walk through broken glass.
That's enough, I think.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Man, you're better than I am. I only lasted until nighttime of the first day before I caved and put on the A/C. I'm sorry, 94 in April is not a LITTLE hotter than it should be! LOL

I'll laugh at the shocking bees, but it sounds pretty dangerous.

How'd you do with not calling China?

Victoria said...

At least it's cooler now!
Yeah, those bees...evil!

I picked up the phone a couple of times, but stopped myself from dialing! lol