Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Survival: Year Two: Entry Five

Things were going so well in the encampment. I do not know what has happened, but once again I fear for my life - at the very least, my soul. This change seemed to begin upon the oldest girl native returning, though I cannot be sure. It also may have occurred due to the looming educational structure. The only thing I am confident in is that chaos has taken over our once relatively quiet camp.
And it's scary to be here.
Since I am in charge of the food supply, I have tried to be ever vigilant in my planning and inventory. Short of locking the refrigeration device, I have little control over what happens after I have retired for the evening. Imagine my terror when I discovered the chaos that occurs during the small hours of the darkness. They try to cover their tracks, but alas, they need more training in the art of trickery. Food crumbs and dirty dishes alert me to the presence of hungry beasts who ravage the food stores without care. I am stunned and overwhelmed at the constant trading of shells and pretty bits. The only hope on the horizon is the traveling to other educational camps that will occur in the very near future.
I wonder if I will maintain my sanity until then.
Besides the provisions, it has once again become a challenge to perform my other duties. Constant interruptions have me considering a name change. No, I cannot proof read your document. Nor can I help you with that. But they never stop. Even when I am terse and impatient and respond with "I am working". They do not seem to be able to make the connection. It is an interesting occurrence and one I will begin studying in the very near future. My research might hold the key to the reason the most frequent answer I receive to any type of question is "what?".
Then again, maybe not.
I only hope I am able to maintain the illusion of superiority.

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