Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Work in Progress Tuesday

Tall Tale Tuesday will be back. Just not yet.
I've been busting my hump today - editing, writing, editing...
It feels good to get back into the swing of things and actually have a productive day without many interruptions.
So, I guess that means it's time to share.
Remember, this is a rough draft, which means unedited (yes, I said I edited, but this is the first major run through and all sentences are considered unedited until I say so. ha!)
This book is the kinda-Frankenstein one. It takes place in a fictional town in Pennsylvania, just off the Appalachian Trail. The heroine is a park ranger whose parents were murdered when she was a child. we go.
"Sage left out the details of her parents murders for now. Her memories were blurry and fragmented. She knew what killed them in her nightmares, but that didn’t make sense – to her or to the dozens of psychologists she’d seen after her foster mothers had found the pictures she used to draw. The police and the psychologists believed whoever killed them had to have been someone Sage recognized. They said she blocked the identity and replaced it with the scary monster. Otherwise there’d be no reason for her not to give a description. A bunch of psychological bullshit as far as Sage was concerned, but she still didn’t know who, or what, killed her parents."
One more from the nature hating hero.
"Porter hung up and shoved the phone into his pocket. He was supposed to be enjoying the next six days off – sleeping in, drinking beer with his brother at the beach, maybe doing a little surf fishing not tramping around in the wilderness. Damn.
He found Sage in the bathhouse, beating on a rusted water heater with a wrench. Bathhouse, his ass. Why anyone would chose to shower in the mostly open structure was beyond him. The only things completely private were the toilets located behind a door, even though there wasn’t a ceiling. People were crazy."
So there you have it. And remember...rough draft.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sounds pretty cool and I love the name Sage. I love your new blog background.

Victoria said...

Thanks on both counts, Sue! :)