Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekend Stuff

Yesterday was my monthly writing group meeting. First we had a fantastic breakfast and a board meeting, then we had our regular meeting that included a recap of the National conference from those that went. I'd missed July's meeting thanks to a bunch of different reasons and I really, really missed my writing friends. So, again, I will get on my soapbox and say, if you write and you don't belong to a writing group, find one and join. You won't be sorry. I'm never sorry.
Last night was a graduation party. Her parents are very good friends of the "so close we're really family" variety. She and K2 have been friends their whole lives and the two of them have provided the parental units with much laughter and joy. We had a good time and enjoyed hanging out with everyone.
Today is a surprise baby shower for the same family's oldest daughter. I used to babysit her. And she's ten weeks away from having a baby boy. I feel so old. And I find it amusing that their weekend parties lined up exactly like ours did - graduation party on Saturday, baby shower on Sunday. I guess it just proves that great minds think alike, or crazy people do, I'm not sure which.
Writing when I finally get back home. Maybe more snippets, too. We'll see...
That is all for now.


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I haven't been to a baby shower in so long. I like them so much better than wedding showers.

Victoria said...

I prefer a bridal shower over a baby shower any day! :)