Thursday, February 02, 2012


Okay, so it's Thursday and I missed posting the answers yesterday. I was buried until some revisions (which I'm almost done with, whoot!).
Here we go!

1. I did not get to before before 3am either day this weekend. True. But the weekend was a blast.
2. I went out with my sister and some bearded guy tried to talk me into going to his hotel room with him. Also, true. Never going to happen, buddy.
3. I learned two new dances and am proud to say I mastered them. Haha. No.
4. Someone thought I was my sister's mother. True. In the woman's defense, she couldn't see me at first.
5. My dog got into the trash and spread it all over the back yard. Yes. Bad dog.
6. I ate escargot and deer heart. Never in a million years.
7. My granddaughter has decided I am to be called "Sho sho". No, but she is calling me Nana.
8. My husband kissed a dead pig. Yes. And then he ate it.
9. I got carded buying beer. Nope....
10. Some creeper guy tried to pick up my mom.

There you have it!


Jo said...

is number ten true or false? lol Don't forget about that video...if you're still up for posting it. If not, no biggie. :) Looking forward to the weekend! <3

Victoria said...

Crap! 10 got booted somehow! It is kind of true and kind of false. There was this dude that was always hanging around Mom...He never talked to her, but....
Oh yeah! I will post the video! If I haven't done it by tomorrow, kick me!! See you tomorrow night! Whoooo!

Victoria said...

Done and done!!