Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thursday Already?

I don't know if this week has gone fast or slow...
I'm just glad it's Thursday and here's why...
My cell died on Tuesday. Ironically, it passed away only minutes after talking to a rep from my cell provider. I was sure it was a simple fix - a box got clicked on accident as she was looking over my account to answer the questions I asked. I was nervous and upset though - not having my phone is like sending your kids to their friends house and not getting the parents name or phone number.
It was bad, bad news when I called. Apparently my phone has brain damage. The sim card fried. :(
Anyway, I was due to upgrade and already had my iPhone picked out - not the brand new one, I can't justify spending that much for a phone when there are other things that need to be taken care of, besides, I'm such a newbie at iPhones I figure the 3G will be like a test run. So, I ordered it.
...And now I'm waiting - borrowing K3's phone during the day and wandering around aimlessly in the evenings, looking at my dead phone, hoping the sim will come back to life. It hasn't.
But now we're at Thursday. My new phone is at the nearest shipping hub getting ready to go on the truck for delivery. I will have it when I get home today.
If I can survive one more day without "my" phone.

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