Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's List...

1. I really love my iPhone. I'm still learning it, but I'm not sure how I lived without it. I'm not happy with how quick the battery dies, but today is the first day it'll take me to time to go to bed and charge, so maybe  it'll be okay.
2. That man I live with is sick. Sick enough to go home from work after just a few hours. This is highly unusual. The flu. And he'd better not give it to me for Valentine's Day! That man is not a stereotypical sick man. He does not like to be babied, bothered, or talked to. He tries to do what he's supposed to even when I shoo him. I know I am blessed with him, because if he whined or wanted to lay his head in my lap...I don't know what I'd do...but it wouldn't be pleasant! Ha!
3. Today was long. Busy, busy, busy, and long. I swear I left a whole day's worth of work on my desk and that does not bode well for tomorrow.
4. My brain is fried from #3. There will be no writing for me tonight - at least not at this moment. That might change though.
5. K2's taxes are done and her budget is worked out. This is a good thing, even after a long work day. She's more settled knowing where and when her money needs to go and happy with her return.
6. I dragged my hair through melted butter when I was making dinner.
7. That man and I swear there was a mouse, or a bat, in our room this morning. I searched everywhere and could not find any evidence. We both heard squeaking and shuffling, but the cat does not seem to care.
8. We ordered the kids an Xbox and K'nect. It has shipped and should be here soon! Whoot! They've been waiting for so long!
9. I think I need an adult beverage.
10. Or two....

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