Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review...

January - Late 2011 in review, my take on resolutions, new Supernatural, the flu, first meeting as president of my writing group (and not passing out), jackhammers until 2am due to a broken gas line in the street out front, beach trips with the besties, Supernatural, snow!, "Dear" letters, reposts, Tall Tale Tuesdays...
February - videos from friends with good points, That Man's birthday, My sister's birthday, new projects, Supernatural, iPhone!, more sickness, taxes, Valentine's visits to K5, crappy weeks, scout events, rejections, breast cancer rears its ugly head in my family.
March - kids in car accidents, nights out with That Man, retreat planning, bad days, X-box parties, friends, sleep, dinner with friends, the weather getting better, Netflix, gnomes...
April - kids being grounded, dinner with friends, K5, Easter, waiting to hear on the breast cancer, finding out about The Hobbit movie, Supernatural, mini class reunions, retreat planning, revisions, hurting eyes, lost eyeglasses, still in love with the iPhone, psycho weather, K2's wrist surgery, French exchange students, hives, weekends alone!
May - More revisions, girls night with my sisters, promotions at the day job, Mimosas, Retreat!, kid performances, prepping for summer, missing summer vacation...
June - Shaving my head because breast cancer sucks, mammograms, zombie writing, alone time with That Man, Snippets, bald pictures, good weekends, the flu, tagged for the work in progress, kids being at camp, Summer Survival Journal, street fairs, mini-vacations, K5 turning 2!, storms, camping, birthday party for K5!
July - Camping, kayaking, Magic Mike, Summer Survival Journal, baby bluebirds, sick kitty, camp prep, wedding planning, summer camp, Hello-Goodbye dinners, planning for the beach, more summer camp, Good Night, Sweet Kitty (I still miss my kitty boy).
August - K5 and pink ice cream, baseball games, birthday parties, Eagle ceremonies, ice, revisions, silly posts, the news of new babies, wedding dates, wedding planning, the dead iPhone!, a wonderful time at the beach, getting my iPhone back, more wedding planning, sick puppies, saying goodbye to our dog :(, missing Abbie, school starting, new books, bugs.
September - baseball games, wedding planning, Dr. Who, paycheck snafu's that could have potentially screwed up the wedding, flower making, painting, planning, (this will be the theme for 2013 - just hopefully not the paycheck snafu), a beautiful wedding! - so proud of my son, wedding pictures, Farm Aid!, K5.
October - writing, organizing, K5, the Detox diet, Supernatural, post-wedding survival, lizards in the basement (I still have not seen it), kids moving out, Ren Faire!, K2 going to Rome!, dead hot water heaters, pumpkin carving with K5, a 16 year old!, K5, Frankenstorm, excited for my new grandson, birthday parties, Frankenstorm let down.
November - winning with the water heater company and getting the replacement part for free (yes, we went a long time without hot water, but we managed, and now we know we can survive the zombie apocalypse), k5, vehicle issues, last minute school projects, performing kids, baby showers, K5, November wreckage, school plays, funny kids, moving the kids, Thanksgiving with the family, Christmas trees with the scouts, Sometimes, my sister's Etsy shop, kids getting major roles in the school spring musical, looking forward to Christmas, K2 turning 21!
December - Holiday parties, a new kitty, Christmas trees, taking K5 shopping and her hysterical choices, dog fixes, stepping down as president (because I have no choice - my term limit is up) after a pretty decent year, tree decorating with the kiddos, frozen yogurt for dinner, plans for tacos for Christmas dinner, Spenser (our new kitty) getting used to us, Christmas plays with work - food and good performances, the great bedroom renovation of 2013 getting started, being tagged, Girls night with my sisters, birthday planning, crazy schedules!, The Hobbit, K4 turning 13!, Our anniversary, frustrating major gift deliveries, rat baths, good feelings, sickness, snow... (1 day left, but I don't think anything significant is going to happen...)
That was my year - or at least part of it - as I read through this, I realize I didn't post half of the stuff that happened. That sucks, and I'll try to do better in 2013. I missed a lot of Dr. Who and a lot of Supernatural, a lot of good stuff, and some of the bad, too. I also missed a lot of writing things...and some frustration...
That is all..

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Ava Quinn said...

What a list! I'm tired just reading it, and I didn't live it!