Saturday, December 29, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Snow Edition

It's snowing! Or it was...Seems to be done now. That man and that boy are out plowing snow for pay. I miss them being here for the snow day, but it'll be a nice bonus to the family income. Anyway...
Let's get to the list, shall we?
1. Snow! Yay!
2. Sleeping for 11.5 hours. Never mind that the sleep was brought on by a fever and massive cold.
3. Christmas being so good!
4. K3 and K4 digging their Christmas presents!
5. Wedding chaos.
6. Baby Shower chaos.
7. Lord of the Rings marathon with K4. The Hobbit has renewed my love of all things LoTR. I was supposed to go see it again tonight with the birthday girl and the BFF, Misty, but this nasty cold, the lack of a snow-worthy vehicle, and the weather has forced me to stay home. Bummer.
8. Les Miserables on Tuesday!
9. Low key plans for New Year's Eve. Good plans, but quiet ones.
10. Looking forward to the new year... Year in review coming tomorrow!

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