Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Dear Day Job -
Seriously? Enough already!! I'm not keeping up and I'm tired. Slow down a little and let me catch up so I can become competent with the new stuff.

Dear Children Still Living At Home -
Seriously? Enough already! I'm not your maid! Do your chores and clean up after yourselves! The next time I come home from the Day Job and find sixty-five million granola bar wrappers and forty-five million empty water bottles in the living room, I'm going to have a stroke. 
Just sayin'!
Oh, and for crying out loud! Do your stinking homework!!!

Dear Roofers - 
Thanks for cleaning up after yourselves! I know you're not done yet, but it was cool to come home and find very little evidence of your work day. And! My porch roof isn't going to leak and look crappy! Yay! 
I am afraid of the final bill though...

Dear Children Not Living At Home - 
I miss you! I love talking to you on the phone and over texts! I love that you still need me from time to time and I love that you don't need me for everything! You are growing from fantastic kids into fantastic and competent adults! 
I do miss you though!

Dear Holidays - 
Looking forward to you! Don't come too fast, okay? Give me some time to prepare after this year's total money suck (see Roofer letter above, also refer to the wedding, visitors, car trouble, and kid trips from earlier posts. Also refer to the funds that still need to go out department for more information). Thanksgiving should be pretty usual, though I have no idea where the festivities will commence. Christmas will be a little different since two K's are married and it'll be Baby B's first. I'm not planning anything at this point, but I'm looking forward to everything!

Dear Supernatural - 
Thanks for coming back and being awesome!
I'm an episode behind, but I am loving you!

Dear Cat - 
Stop shedding. 

That is all!

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