Saturday, October 26, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short these days!! Ha!

Here's the Feel Good list:

1. K3 turning 17 tomorrow! Oy! I am old, but my boy is such a great kid! I am so proud of him! (and I love teasing him with his presents! They are wrapped and in full view, though he hasn't figured them out yet! Ha!)

2. Getting stuff done today! That Man took care of the furnace. I took care of the shopping and other house stuff (my pantry organizing skills are stellar!). We didn't get it all done, but we made great progress.

3. Shopping with K4! She cracks me up and has the best things to say! I wouldn't trade these days for anything, no matter how horrific they are at times!!

4. Talking to K1 and J. It's very nice to have an adult and meaningful conversation with my kids. These two are very intelligent and wise and have offered a lot of insight into the current family drama.

5. Hanging with K5. She's a hoot! We went for frozen yogurt and then to the toy store for ideas for Christmas. She kept zeroing in on rolled luggage, which cracked me up, but I let her take the cases with her for as long as she wanted to. (Guess what she's getting for Christmas!) And yes, she did get a treat at the toy store! We had such a good time with her!

6. Sleeping in this morning! And waking up to the bathroom being toasty warm and coffee prepared by That Man, and breakfast. And finding out he'd rescued K2 from car trouble.It was a very good morning.

7. Not forgetting anything on our shopping trip. Or... maybe getting more than I'd planned, even though it kind of broke the budget. But whatever.

8. Our new workout room in the basement. Friends were moving and gave us this gym system. K3 and That Man spent last weekend making it awesome! That Man and I have been diligent about using the new equipment - admittedly, him more than me, but I'm getting there! It's still super cool though....

And that is all for now... Tomorrow I will sleep in again. Make birthday cake, birthday dinner, and hopefully clean up my house to make it appropriate for company. I will also do laundry, enjoy my kid's birthday and try very hard not to think about what awaits me at the day job on Monday morning!


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