Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat...

Happy Halloween!
I love Halloween! I totally love trick or treat night so much more that the kids don't need me to walk the streets with them. I know they're a little old for candy grabbing, but I don't have a problem with teenage trick or treaters. I love when the older kids come by. Their costumes are mostly awesome and they're very respectful. I dig that. 
We had a houseful this year. All four K's, spouses, grandson, my niece, her boyfriend and cousins (who are like my nieces, too), and my folks. We didn't do dinner this year - no time and too busy, but we did have some snacks. The teenagers even brought snacks, which was super cool.
There weren't a lot of trick or treaters this year though. Our numbers have been steadily declining. I'm not sure why. We don't have many good neighbors left, which might be part of it. This year, we were the only porch light on in our little block. But there isn't much candy left, thanks to the K's.
Here's my trick or treat (true or false)(like Tall Tale Tuesday used to be):
1. K4 changed her costume at the very last minute, then was frantic that we didn't have everything she needed.
2. My niece's boyfriend wore a sign that said "Nudist on Strike". 
3. K3 dressed like a mermaid. 
4. K2 & J were both Spiderman.
5. Some kid threw an egg at my truck.
6. K3 ate so much candy that he puked.
7. Baby B was a smurf. 
8. My folks dressed up like pirates.
That's enough for now. Guess if you want. There are no prizes, but it might be fun. (Though I don't think anyone reads this blog anymore?)

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