Saturday, November 02, 2013

So Then...

Here are the answers, though no one guessed....
1. K4 changed her costume at the very last minute, then was frantic that we didn't have everything she needed. Yes. And we made an awesome angle knife. She was awesome. It was stressful.  
2. My niece's boyfriend wore a sign that said "Nudist on Strike".  Also, yes. It was fantastic!
3. K3 dressed like a mermaid. No. But he did go out barefoot (which I had no idea until he came home!!)
4. K2 &J were both Spiderman. Technically, yes. They both had Spiderman T-shirts on. 
5. Some kid threw an egg at my truck. Not that I know of. 
6. K3 ate so much candy that he puked. Also no. He can't have anything with milk, so he's very careful. And he's never been a candy eater! 
7. Baby B was a smurf. Yes. And he was so adorable!
8. My folks dressed up like pirates. Nope. Not this time. 
That's about it. We had fun. 
Saturday was also fantastic. Writers meeting and lunch and being with "my people". 
That is all. 

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