Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weird Wednesday...

Okay, I swear I posted a few times over the past week... I have no idea what happened to those posts. I mean, I even looked at them on my blog! Where could they have gone? And why would they disappear? I guess I will investigating that as soon as I catch up with myself...
Here's my week:
Early morning helping with the funeral of our dear friend's mother. From there, I rushed to receive 300 pies (really, 294, but what's 6 when you're dealing with those numbers?). K2 helped me sort and label the orders, then I waited for the scouts to pick them up. All alone in an over 200 year old church. By myself. It was creepy. I kept hearing footsteps like they were coming up behind me, but no one was ever there. I finally stopped looking behind me and turned the music up. That Man finally showed up with sustenance and company. Home late and then collapsed.
We had a tiny bit of snow here. Enough to make me excited, but then it started raining and didn't stop until sometime overnight. I braved the grocery store. That was nine kinds of stress. Everyone and their brother had carts piled high and a crazed look in their eyes. Snow & Thanksgiving! Must shop and buy extra bread, milk, and toilet paper! (It's always interesting in my neck of the woods when snow is in the forecast!) Hung out with my grandson and daughter-in-law pretty much all day. Had to pick up a sick K4 at school. Tried to catch up on Supernatural. Stayed up way, way too late.
Wednesday: (That's today!)
Slept in, but really not considering the ridiculous time I went to bed. (A nap is in my immediate future) Began the cooking prep - bread cut for stuffing, pie ingredients organized (Yes, I am making pumpkin pies even after all of the pies I sorted on Monday. I like to make them!) Laundry. And now it's now...
Nap time!

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