Monday, November 04, 2013

Moaning Monday...

It does come back from time to time... The moans of Monday...
This Monday...well...
1. More stress at the day job... My shoulders are killing me.
2. The documentation run not going as it should have. One part of the paperwork is done, but the most important one isn't. (Will explain later - it's not as serious as it sounds.)
3. Eating a weird dinner. Which wasn't terrible, but strange...
4. More funds spent at the grocery store. It's outrageous.
5. Being cold! I hate being cold. We haven't started the fire yet. It's ready, but we're hesitant though we normally have it started a few weeks ago. We do have heat, but it takes a little while for it to take the chill off.
The good stuff...
1. K3 is taking his driving test tomorrow. *Fingers crossed
2. Random grocery shopping antics with That Man and K3.
3. Fuzzy socks.
4. Looking forward to the holidays.
That is all. It's Monday. I'm ready for bed.

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