Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Update

1. K3's play was spectacular! The cast & crew did a phenomenal job. The set, lighting, sound, and props we perfect. The cast did a terrific job. Those kids work so well together! And of course, K3, as the lead, was incredible. (Yes, I'm a proud momma, but it's true!) He had an immense amount of lines to learn and was in nearly every scene. And he had a blast.
I went Thursday and Friday and the show was equally awesome both nights. That man went all three nights (I kept Baby B last night so K1 & J could go), and said each night was unique, but great!
Tomorrow he auditions for the next one... K4 may as well. It's for our local small theater.

2. Moving! K1 & J moved into their apartment over the weekend. I'm so proud of them for pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and getting done what needed to get done so they could be their own family in their own home. Their new place is adorable and nice. Baby B has his own room for the first time ever. The only downside to the place is that there are no closets, but the carpets are new and it's a safe place for Baby B.

3. Getting random texts from K2 & J from Boston. J had a conference to attend for work. They're having a blast.

4. Since I must now watch every penny, I have decided to become a master couponer. I saved $16.00 on today's weekly trip ($29.00 if you count my 22# free turkey!) and I only forgot one thing.

There you have it.

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