Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Still Raw...

I brought the folks home tonight...
We had Mom cremated as she wished and her ashes were mixed with Dad's. We had to get another box to store them and we picked one that we can open and take ashes to spread when we feel up to that.
Now we wade through the legal and financial stuff. I was working on that tonight - going through bills and bank statements - preparing a list for the attorney. The family chose me and my sister in law to be estate administrators. Then, we'll need to clear out the house. Oh and my family may be moving there if we can work it out. We'll see...
This weekend was equal parts rough and good. Rough because we always camped with Mom and Dad. This would have been our first Memorial Day camp out without Dad. Instead, it was our first without them both. Mom had been planning on coming and using her camper for the first time since Dad passed. How much suck is that?
It was a nice weekend, though. It was nice to relax and not have to get up at a certain time or talk to people if I didn't want to. We got there late because our house was horrible due to not being home consistently in almost two weeks. We had to clean and I'm so glad we did. Coming home to a clean house (despite the napkins the cats decided to strew all over the place) was really, really nice. It was freezing Saturday night and I thought I might die. Sunday night was better, though. Our friends came camping with us, which was awesome, even though I didn't feel well after the picnic and had to cancel plans to go visit a friend who just had surgery. K5 and Baby B were there, which was also awesome. I also had a great conversation with Simon and I should be writing again soon. I actually have an idea for the anthology we'll be self publishing with a few other authors.
Now I'm just waiting for the new normal to settle in... I miss my parents. I never thought I was going to be an orphan this soon.

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