Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Have This Kid...

and this kid is definitely his daddy's boy.

When B and I first started dating, we were still in high school. He was in a work release program and left everyday at lunchtime. Often, he'd call my mother after he left, claiming to be a truant officer with the school and did she know that her daughter was absent - again? Yeah. He's lucky she didn't ground me, or him, for that fact.

So, yesterday...It's after the high school has dismissed for the day. A little too soon for my oldest to be home but not unheard of. The doorbell rings. It's his best friend. Here's how it went:
Him: Is he home?
Me: No, he's not in from school yet.
Him: Oh, uh, he wasn't at school today.
Me: What? He better have been.
Him: He wasn't there. (strange look of - oh crap, I just ratted out my best friend - crosses his face.) Tell him I'll see him later.
Me: I don't think you will be seeing him.
(Paraphrased, but you get the picture.)
And I'm freaking out trying to decide what to do. I call the school, ask if he was counted in attendance this morning and ask all kind of questions about the possibility of him cutting later in the day. Hang up and call the kid. Ask him where he is.
At this point, my hands are shaking. I'm worried, angry but calm on the outside.
He says he's on his way home from school. In the background, I hear laughter. His best friend's laughter.
Yeah. I was played. Big time.
I call the school back, explain that it was a joke. All is well there.
The two of them walk in the back door, laughing and apologizing.

Okay. So it was funny. And I should know better. I mean, I live in a house with people who all act like this all the time!
And, no, I've never done a thing like this.

Okay, so that's a lie. The kid gets it from both sets of DNA.


Natalie Damschroder said...

I'd ROTFLMAO but I have no doubt McK will be doing these same things to me...the ultimate goody-two-shoes.

d.r. grady said...

I think I'll adopt another plant and forget about having kids....