Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So, you'll notice the status bar didn't move yet. That's because I only wrote 91 lousy words today. Didn't seem worth it to change it for that. I'm not sure what happened except the fact that I had some errands to run, drank too much coffee and ended up scatterbrained and tired. Not smart. I know.

Don't know if I'll get anything done this evening or not. As of right now, I'm going with not - except for some material I need to take care of for one of my critique partners. She's in a hurry. I'm braindead. Seems like a fair trade off to me.

Yeah. Totally boring post. Sorry. I don't think anyone is reading this anyway. LOL


d.r. grady said...

Since I'm "someone" that means I'm not "anyone" so that means someone is reading your blog. Right?

Victoria said...

I think I'm confused now...LOL
But that's a normal state for me, so thank you for not being "anyone" and for being "someone"!! :)