Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Barnegat Light

Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island.
We climbed it, though I have to admit I got a little freaked out as we neared the top. I can't remember how many steps you have to climb, but it's not as many as the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (I climbed that one too).
You can go out at the top. There's a safety railing from floor to ceiling. B ran around the circumference, taking pictures and hollering at me to come out. I would go out and right back in. Don't ask me why, normally I have no problems with heights. Coming down was a bit of an issue for me as well. My knees were shaking and I went really slow. Not B, he would wait for me to get to the next landing and then run down.
It's a beautiful sight. Looking out at the top was amazing and really added to our trip.
Today's the last day of school for the kids. They're excited. I am too. I'm looking forward to the break.
And to Turkey Day.

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