Friday, November 10, 2006

Random Friday

Thoughts, questions and experiences from my week.

I'm getting the idea that there is some messy spirit living in my linen closet. I'm not kidding. I go upstairs and the door is open. There is always something on the floor - sheets, towels, mismatched socks. I restore order, close the door and the next time I go up, it's the same thing.

More shoe trauma: Once I get out of here and run my errands, 3 pairs of defective shoes will have been returned in the past 2 weeks. Two pair were K2's, that she bought with her own money. The first pair broke before she had a chance to wear them, we took them back. The next pair fell apart the second time she put them on. The brand new, not cheap, boots I bought K4 (with the idea that when he grows out of them, they'll fit me) broke the first time he put them on. Grr.

What is it with teenaged boys and fire? Why do they want to burn things?

I just realized Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. How did that happen? Last year, we were in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. We do a rotating schedule and my turn comes around once every six years. The next time we host, our family will be dramatically changed. K1 will be 23 years old. K2 will be turning 20. That is so weird to think about.

Soon, I will no longer be annoyed by all the Christmas ads and displays at the stores. (I went to the grocery store on Halloween and they were putting up Christmas stuff!) We still have two kid birthdays this year. K2 and K4 - K4's is on Christmas day. Always a challenge balancing both - we've done okay so far. We do Christmas the first half of the day and then her birthday. And we've had some interesting meals for Christmas dinner since it's her choice.

Anyone ever been to Beach Haven, NJ? I'm just curious.

And, a collective Happy Birthday shout out to the 5 birthday people in the past 10 days. You know who you are. And if you want, I'll sing to you. Except it might make you sick.

Have a fantastical weekend!

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