Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Holiday Over

Yeah, I know it's been over for a week now, but I finally got my Christmas tree and decorations stored away. Usually, the tree comes down the day after Christmas for various reasons - deadness being the main one. This year that didn't happen because of time, and because we'd done so much running around we didn't feel like we had much chance to enjoy it.
It was time though. The tree was done. Dry, with the branches turning brown. Not a lot of needle loss though, which means we'll definitely be getting this same type of tree again. I even got the stuff from the front porch put away. The only thing I left out was this old, cool sled. Maybe I shouldn't have put the snowman away...maybe I'll get him back out. I wouldn't want to jinx any possible snow like I think I did last year.
That's all I have.
What a lame post.

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