Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As you can see I've finally updated the links to the left. The first new one is my my space page, click on over and friend me if you want to (and you have a my space). The second link is the link to my publisher. Head over and check out the coming soon page. "The Shape of Love" is on there, though we're still waiting on our cover art, and if you get a chance go to the blog section and see what's being said about the book. Our back cover blurbs are up.
The desktop computer is feeling a bit better, though still running slow since I haven't removed the pictures or music yet. That's coming once I get some discs and convince the older two to take care of the stuff on their screen names. I spend quite a bit of time yesterday trying to heal it, and feel pretty good about at least helping it run faster.
On the writing front, I'm still working on edits. This is the final stage of rearranging a thread, upping some tension, and making sure everything makes sense. After that, I have a few other projects to make decisions on and I need to get back to OotS. I'm feeling it though - organized, hopeful, sharper, and ready to rock and roll. Oh, and there's our annual writer's retreat planning going on. I'm the committee chair this year, and though it doesn't require a lot of work, there are still things to take care of. I'm excited, but it's not until May. Except I have a suspicion May will be here before we know it - especially since it's already the middle of January.
That's about it. I'm off to the editing cave.

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