Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random Odd

Things to do in a restaurant while you're waiting for the food to come.
When my cousin and her fiance were here, we braved an eatery with 20 people in our party. That's pretty normal for us, especially when we go to the beach, though the crowd is a little bigger then. There's a lot of wait time and it gets tedious for me, so I can't imagine how the younger ones cope.
Well, yes, I can.
It's like that. I'm not sure what exactly they were building here, but we've had little villages of sugar packets stacked together like tents, straw creations, and other random activities that usually make whoever waits on us roll their eyes. And yes, we always clean it up before we leave.
You can see I have absolutely nothing to say today. Besides a trip to the grocery store, I plan to spend the day working on edits. I keep thinking we have something planned for this evening, but so far it hasn't surfaced yet. We'll see...

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