Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, it's snowing here. Yay! It started coming down about an hour and a half ago, and already it's laying on the sidewalks and trees. It's the perfect topper on what's been a pretty decent two days around here.
Our cover for "The Shape of Love" is nearly finished. As soon as I get the okay to share, I'll post it. Things are moving along, and hopefully we'll know the release date soon.
I'm holed up in my "spot", doing my thing (taking a short break right now). K2 is home already due to mid-term exams and is currently working on my last nerve with random loud noises and constant talking though she knows I'm trying to concentrate. (Every time I give her "the look", she apologizes profusely. Except it only lasts less then a minute before the noise starts again.) She's talking to me, the dog, the cat, and the computer while commenting on my choice of music. Oh, and making up new words to the songs. Yeah.
On another front, there's a spectacular chance one of her new hamsters is with child. We'll see, but the critter is very round and grumpy, and has made a nest. Apparently, the pregnancy only lasts about 21 days. She's had the thing 14 days. Oh, and they go into heat about every 4 days. I can't help but see every available container filled with little furry things as they continue to excessively reproduce.
Back to work.

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