Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Dog's Day

More specifically, my dog.
She had an appointment with the groomer that just happened to be in the middle of the day. I had to take what I could get since I've been trying to get her in since November and every time we had an appointment, it snowed. The groomer had us on the cancellation list, and this was the first day and time that even halfway suited. So we braved the high, cold winds and went.
I went out to the truck to write while the dog got her beauty treatment. I actually managed to get quite a bit done and time went really fast. I went back in shortly before I figured she'd be done since the groomer has her appointment down to a science now. And then it happened...
The dog had diarrhea all over the grooming bench. Talk about gross.
I helped clean up, took her out, then the groomer resumed drying her. She was working on the final trim when the dog started dry heaving. We unhooked her from the stand and shooed her out the door, not expecting her to make it to the grass.
Turns out, she snowed us.
Instead of heading over to heave, she hustled off the porch, then kind of sashayed to the truck and sat by the back door. I called her to come back, and she just glared at me. At that point, we figured she was done and I came home with my still slightly wet pooch who now has a brand new trick to get out of being groomed.
I might be scared over the next few days. Enjoy the holiday!


Natalie Damschroder said...

I might be scared over the next few days.

Why were you scared?

Victoria said...

I didn't even realize I did that! LOL