Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Unpractical Practical Jokes

Or...Enough Already!!
There's been a rash of practical jokes around here lately.
Like when someone stuffed a tennis ball in B's work boot. The dog dragged his boot away and chewed on it, because after all, the ball belongs to her. Last week, K2's cell phone went missing. No one has admitted to that one yet. Probably because they fear her reaction. She was not a happy camper.
Missing items, booby traps, you name it - all of it's been going on around here.
This morning, I was the unfortunate victim. I had a busy day planned. Lots of running around, which included stair climbing and walking. And wouldn't you of my sneakers went missing.
I searched everywhere. Everywhere - including the freezer, the cabinets, the back porch, the garbage can - everywhere. Finally, very ticked off, I pulled out my boots. Now, I love my boots, but they aren't exactly good to me when I'm on my feet all day. Today proved no different. I'm aching.
So, I call home when I was on my way back.
And K1 was appalled that I hadn't found it before I left this morning! Ha! Why on earth would I look on the coat rack, under a rarely worn coat, for a sneaker?
You can bet I will now.
That is all.

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