Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going Places

More cool pictures from the hike.
Since the water was still so high and we don't often travel this section of woods, we felt like we were in a new place. The high water had created an island where we found all kinds of interesting debris. One I'll show you tomorrow. I happen to think it's amusing. You'll have to decide for yourself.
On the writing front, I'm working on edits for my paranormal story and plotting out a shorter paranormal. I started with a blank notebook and plotting sheet, which was kind of daunting especially since I had absolutely no idea - not even a kernel of one. Now I've got three notebook pages, and a quickly filling up plotting sheet. I'm excited about it, though I'm not quite ready to begin the actual writing. I have to let the holes fill in while I continue editing Out of the Shadows. So, even though I still feel like someone stole my front bicycle tire, I'm moving on and working through it. That's the only thing that can be done.

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