Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Madness

One more Easter photo. See those flowers? I practically risked my life rescuing them from a pile of debris hanging out over the creek. Okay, so maybe it really wasn't "practically". I leaned over, snagged them, and then retreated through the thorn bushes to safer ground. My sister was oh-so-thrilled when I handed them to her and promptly put them in water. Yes. They're fake. She was also thrilled with the insects that began pouring out of the petals as soon as the bouquet warmed to room temperature. Something tells me she tossed them out as soon as everyone left.
So, today's the last day of March. Weird. I cringe at what will go on tomorrow. If you couldn't guess, April Fool's is a pretty big deal around here - at least for the K's. The few years I've tried to pull off big capers, they've come back to bite me in the butt. For example: One year I'd planned to tell B I was pregnant. We were weeks away from heading to the appointment that would make such jokes null and void. Oh, and you guessed it. Two weeks later, to our complete surprise, the stick turned blue and my harmless suggestion turned into real life. I think you can understand why I'm cautious. Think I'll stick to the usual stuff.
K4 is home today and we'll be visiting the doctor as soon as I can make her an appointment. What started off looking like dry skin is now a nasty, itchy and painful rash. On her face. And it's now the size of a half-dollar. Since Friday, the thing has grown and worsened. I know what it's not because I've tried all possible home remedies for various things. Now we'll see what it is.
I think that's all for now. We're looking at a busy week. B's brother will be in for business and is staying with us, and the calendar is already full of various other activities - some fun, others just regular life. Oh and I should probably at least dust before our house guest arrives. Ya think?

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