Friday, August 21, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Here we go!
1. Sleeping in. Boy, did I need that!
2. Air conditioning. I just wish I had it throughout my house!
3. Getting stuff done. When I woke up I had over 40 emails in my box - 23 new, 17 that I needed to address. I'm down to 3 now.
4. Hearing my kids laugh.
5. Freeze tag.
6. Coffee with Vanilla Latte creamer.
7. Thunderstorms.
8. Weekend plans.
9. Finding my organization. It's still relatively elusive, but it's coming.
10. Fall coming. Though I don't know what happened to summer and I wish I could have it back. I love fall though.
That's all for now!


Ava Quinn said...

Some nice "feel goods", Vicki. Wish I could find some of #9!
Have a good weekend!

Victoria said...

Well, like I said, it's still elusive. I'm trying...