Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Random

Here's a random list from my week:
1. We've had some weird storms around here lately. Yeah, I know that's summer. Could you please turn the thermostat down a little? Oh, and turn a fan on so the humidity isn't so high? I feel like I'm swimming when I go outside!
2. Traffic has pretty much sucked everywhere lately. What is up with that?
3. Chocolate chip cookies with fudge on top are so fantastic, they should be illegal!
4. People should not sit in broken chairs. I'm just sayin'.
5. Never open a bag of cheese puffys in this humidity. Just don't. You'll have stale, mushy puffys in .00001 second.
6. Somethings aren't meant to make sense. Ever.
7. One day I'm going to concur my apostrophes.
That is all for now.
Tomorrow I sleep in!
Who knows what will happen after I'm properly rested! Ha!

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