Monday, August 31, 2009

The First Day...

of school.
The morning went great. Everyone was up on time and smiling. B stayed home and made breakfast. We walked to school with K2 and K4. K3 refused our offer to stand at the bus stop with him. I don't know why. I guess 7th grade makes him too cool. ha!
Then I was relatively alone. (K1 was sleeping) With peace and quiet. And, oh goodness, I didn't know what to do with myself for a few minutes. And then I did. I edited and watched Firefly and basked in the glory of quiet and uninterrupted writing time.
The dog whined and checked the doors constantly when she wasn't pestering me with inquisitive barks and moans. The phone rang a few times and forgetting myself, I answered.
K1 got up and K2 came home. (K2 will be starting her internship tomorrow. Her last class ends before noon.) So, I took a break to listen to her day, check email, and eat lunch before she left to run errands and I returned my concentration to the pages. I got through more than I thought I would.
I went to meet K4 at school and found her crying because some mean boy made a rude comment about her hair.
The neighbor has a kiddie pool at the side of their house near ours and it's full of green water. And mosquitoes. Said blood-sucking beasts attack as soon as you set foot on the back porch and I've already killed three in the house.
That is all for today.


Ava Quinn said...

Sounds quiet and relatively uneventful. *sigh* What I wouldn't give for some of that.

The mosquitoes are horrible this year. I have so many hickeys from them it's embarrassing.

Victoria said...

Sorry, Ava! Hope things calm down for you soon!

I'm hating these mosquitoes. Especially when they're coming in my house! That's just wrong!