Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beach Retreat - Day Two!

Going home today. I'm not up as early as I was yesterday, and we didn't stay up as late last night. Guess it's catching up.
Let me sum up:
Editing. Writing. Breakfast. Writing. Snow starts. Coffee. Crazy walks in the driving snow with crazy people. Almost lost Simon in a ditch. If it weren't for the snow we might never have found our way back. No cell phones. Laughing. Writing. Writing. And more writing. Making good progress on my new story. Coffee. Massive coffee bean spill. Guess who was responsible for that one. Still snowing. Lunch - which was mostly healthy. Laughing. Coffee. Writing and writing. Still snowing. Trip to the beach to take pictures of the ocean. Coffee. Writing. Laughing. Dinner preparation. Pre-dinner dance party. Writing while waiting for dinner to finish. Quick cleanup. Still snowing. More writing. Tru Cook Plus. Hysterical laughter - my stomach hurts and I can't quit talking in accent. Still snowing.Writing. Supernatural viewing. More writing. Movie watching. Don't know what I think about what we watched. Little bit of talking after the movie. Then bed. Still snowing.
Have more trouble falling asleep last night than the previous night. Probably from the massive amounts of caffeine consumed. Sleep well despite the inability to relax. Now it's morning. No more snowing. Already laughter. Coffee. No bean spillage today. Yet. Writing is on the way while we do laundry and clean up to go home. Don't know how much snow we got. A lot. Probably close to 8".
More later.

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