Monday, January 04, 2010

Moaning Monday

Yeah, I know I dismissed Moaning Monday a while ago, but today seems like a day that should have a post dedicated to just how crappy the first day of normal after a long holiday is.
So, here we go:
1. It's cold outside. Really, really cold. The wind is killing any semblance of heat I would normally have inside my house.
2. Not being able to sleep in anymore. Wah!
3. Being so out of gas I was lucky to make it to the gas station.
4. Having to go to the grocery store first thing this morning. (though, I did end up with enough gas points that my fuel bill was $57.00 cheaper than it would have been)
5. Pumping gas in the howling wind and freezing cold. (are you sensing a theme here? Yes. I am cold and cannot get warm)
6. Dragging groceries in alone.
7. Not having the tree down yet and the general disarray of my house.
8. The end of the holidays and all of the fun we had.
9. My uncle returning home. We're all going to miss him a whole lot.
10. Listening to the whine of my washing machine and hoping it's not a death knell.
That's enough. Too much, actually. I am glad we're starting back into routine. I was not glad to have to crawl out of my nice warm bed.

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