Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Huh...

<... This is kind of how I feel right now...not like the useless dodad in the middle of a field wondering what happened to the fair he was letting people into...More like the...HUH? moment I had when I looked at the picture. Meaning: It's 9pm. What happened to this day? Where did it go? Why did I just now take my shoes off after having them on since 6am? What happened to the nearly full package of toilet paper I saw in the bathroom cupboard this morning? How can we go from having three rolls to being out in one day? What happened to my clean living room? Why are there coats all over the dining room? And most importantly, why did the body snatchers bring back my sweet child? They'd taken her and replaced her with a hormonal adolescent. That's the child I dropped off at school this morning - the one you couldn't look at without fear of retribution. The one that alternated tears and maniacal laughter. What came home was sweet and cooperative, smiling even. Homework was done without a fight, chores, too. And she went to bed on time. I'm not convinced this isn't some alien joke, but I will definitely enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm so tired. I'm sure that makes no sense.

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